Skill: Midi

Cubase – Creating a New Project

Go to the file menu and select New Project The below New Project menu will pop-up. Generally you will want to select “Empty” from the list and then click the “OK” button using your mouse. After you click the “OK” button the below pop-up box will appear. ... Read More

Cubase – Setup Instructions

Upon launching Cubase you will be brought to the this screen We will want to begin by taking care of basic settings and creating a project that has no tracks that will serve as a template for future projects and will keep us from having to make several basic setting every time we create ... Read More

Midi Sensor

The Midi Sensor is really is not a sensor in itself but rather an interface to allow standard sensors (floor mats, light beam, passive IR, etc) to speak the serial language of Midi. Key Features: Interfaces two standard sensors to Midi Midi IN is merged with sensor data and then sent to the ... Read More