Bubbling Cauldron

Drill a hole in the bottom of the cauldron to pass the low voltage wires through
Bend the metal strapping to create a mounting bracket for the light.
Attached the light to the bracket and the bracket to the bottom of the cauldron. For this I used small screws
Adjust the position of the light so that is is at least one inch from the sides of the cauldron or the bowl which will be suspended above.
Cut a hole in the side of the bowl, just under the top edge, to allow the fogger cord to pass through.
Run the fogger cable through the bowl and out of the bottom of the cauldron
Insert the bowl into the cauldron and fill with water to a depth as specified by you fogger unit
Position your new Bubbling Cauldron for display and
plug it in. For added safely it should be plugged into a GFCI circuit.

Parts List:

Plastic Cauldron

Clear Bowl (that fits in cauldron)

Low Voltage light and transformer

Mounting bracket for light

Ultrasonic Fogger