My version of Brent Ross’s Mourner.

From the first time I saw Brent’s creation I knew that I just had to have one, so I set fourth creating one for my very own. The original can be found by following this link to Devious Concoctions. The following instructions and images only detail with where I have clearly deviated from Brent’s design, and for detailed instructions I would recommend that you purchase the DC Prop Builders book from Devious Concoctions.




This is the last prop I build before taking up welding, so most parts are made from wood instead of metal 

For my version I wanted to avoid having anything roll along the floor so I felt that mounting the extension platform to a set of Full extension drawer slides would make for a smother gliding effect. I also anticipated that I would need to counter weight the back of the base to keep everything from tipping forward as my lady extends 24 inches toward my unexacting guests. For a counter weight I elected to use an 16 x 16 patio paver, which conveniently sided into the 16 inch with base. The overall length of the base I used is 28 inches. Below are four pictures of the base and one of the top of the turn table..










 Images during setup