Swirly Staff

20 inch round 3/16 base for the scroll bending jig 1/2 square bar bent into a spiral using a ring roller
Scroll jig assembled and ready to be mounted onto the power bender.  Though you could just anchor this down and bend the bar around this jig if you have the space. swoosh bending jig used to bend the section of bar after the scroll.
5/16 round bar starting the bend and progressing into the full scroll.  No heat was needed for the bend however while the bar was still in the jig the bar was heated between a straw and blue color to relieve internal stresses in the bar and reduce or eliminate any spring back.
pile of half bent bars waiting for the second bending process Bar in in the second jig ready to be bent.  The bar is just pulled around the hoops cold.  Pre-heating the bar for this step produced uneven bends.
  Heating the again to a straw to blue color relieved the stresses and removed any spring back from the bending
Bent bars ready for paint  
Clip dimensions.  Pixels are strung from the center to the bottom in a skipping pattern so both the start and end of the string are at the bottom of the staff. Link to .obj file for clip 5_16Clip Swirly Staff completed with pixels attached with come 3d printed clips