Lolly Pops

Getting the loly pops to glow took some expermintation.  My original plan was to use a string of christmas lights, this turned out to be too dim with the white o.o8 stryren so i then tried rope light to increase the light density.  This too was dim and additionally the jacket of the rope light added a lot of weight. As a third test I used 12 small LED modugles that each put out 36 lumans this workd good.  In the end i used a larger LED modgule that output 72 lumans each just in case.
Joining the two plastic shells proved to be a chalange.  Initially i was going to heat weild the two halves together, but my lack of skill weilding plastic combined with the plastic wanting to return to its pre-vacuum formed shape yieled very bad results.  In the end I found it much much faster and easier to use “H” channel.  The channel was applied and glued to the first half and a day latter after the glue was dry the second half was pressed into the channel and glued  
  Here we can see a painted loly pop side with the “H” channel installed.  The results were clean and barley noticable while on display in the yard.
To make painting easier I took a scrap of 2×4 and drilled a hole just bigger than the pvc pipe I used for the loly pop stick.  Drying rack


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