3D Scanner

As I start to move tward 3d printing for some of the stuff I make instead of more trational means of molding or machining parts, I have decided to start from the capture side instead of the printing side.  This is becasue most stuff i am likly to print will start as a clay sculpter or and old casting that i want to modify but not sculpt or recreate from scratch in drawing software.

As I started looking for a scanner I was finding most in the hobby class were made from 3d printing and the scanning table seemed a bit small for my needs.  I also felt i was finding a bunch of mixed reviews to the scan quality and I have to wonder how much of this relates to the quality of the printed parts being impacted by humidy and temp.  So I have decided to branch off a bit and build one from metal with some larger features.    

This 3d scanner project is loosly based on the Ciclop open source project and the freelss project as using a rasbery Pi to remove the dependance of full PC seems like a good idea to me.

arm for holding laser heads is 3/4 inch square tube that extends 7 inches each way from the riser for a total length of 16 1/2 inches
The ends of the laser arms have one inch solid plugs pressed in.  These plugs are drilled and tapped with set screws for locking the laser heads in place.  3/8 holes have been drilled after the plugs installed for the mounting shaft of the laser heads.  Mounts for the two laser units
 Testing the electronics all assembled.  In testing I found some strange results from the stepper motor driver so I had got the oscilloscope out and started probing pins and found an odd signal on the step pin of the driver and traced it back to the clock pin of the PI.  turns out that after you change ports in the setup of atlas you really need to reboot the PI else some things might not change on the PI.  With the reboot all because normal.  PI 8MP camera mounted to the adjustable mount
Found a  plastic case in a drawer, so i will make that work as the electronics enclosure.  


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