Spiral Tree 2022

100 11/16″ holes in this sheet of stainless steel prior to cutting the spiral out will a plasma cutter After spending hours drilling and cutting the first spiral by hand, I decided to draw everything up in fusion and send the design out for laser cutting.  Was very satisfying opening the box of fresh cut spirals
  The 11/16 hole was the correct size for C9 covers from Ray Wu to fit through the metal spiral.  I also designed some nuts in fusion to thread onto  the C9 covers and lock then into the spirals.  These nuts have a hole that allows normal 12mm square pixels to press in.
note the center of the spiral has a printed bushing that just slips into a piece of 1/2 emt  
  some 1″ x 1/8″ flat bar turned into a support bracket to secure the bottom of the spiral.