Matrix – Garage 16′ x 6′

Initial assembly and fitting of the gate frames to the garage opening center hasp to keep the gate doors closed.  This was made from some elevator bolts and 1/4 threaded couplings for adjustable height.  The receiver is 1/8 inch steel plate with two slots cut.
Upper and lower hings.  Base is a standard gate hinge with 3/8 lag bolts.  The gate side is 1″ nuts with a brass bushing.  The nuts are welded to the gate ftame. Center of gate doors with layout marks for attaching mounts for the panels.  These were done from the center out to ensure consistent spacing and no visible split when the matrix is lit at night
led panel hanging from mounting points.  The mounting points are just 1/2″ angle iron welded onto the upper frame cross member
back and front of the matrix looking out through the matrix